About The Artist

My name is Chris and welcome to my website.  I've been a certified car guy all my life.  When I was a kid, there was never a shortage of matchbox and hot wheels in my room.  I also was constantly drawing cars and couldn't get enough of them. 

At the young age of 7, I started to take notice of classic cars. Even then I noticed they didn't look like what was currently on the road.  The classics had more color, more chrome, and just had more personality compared to a "new" 83 model that was new at the time.  The first vintage car I feel in love with was a 56 Packard Clipper that I spotted in the small Kentucky town we were living in.  


Fast forward to 2011, and I started to take my artwork in a more serious manner.  I started experimenting with watercolors and then acrylics.  I could never make those two mediums behave the way I wanted.  That's when I gave oil's a try and I never looked back.  I love the richness and depth that oils give, and they are the most forgiving of the three mediums.  


Take a look around my website and check out my original oil paintings that are for sale.    Want a custom painting of your vintage ride or one from your past?   I'm happy to take on commissioned work as well. Email me at chriscallenautoart@gmail.com 


Commission a painting

Want a painting of that special car or truck? Email me to discuss what you would like painted. I paint both vintage and modern cars.

Below is my price/size list for commissioned paintings. 

11x14 $275

16x20 $560

18x24 $760

24x30 $1260

24x36 $1520

24x48 $2020

30x40 $2100

36x48 $2500

48x60 $2900